Membership and Scholarship

Student Membership

Membership  to Lambda Nu is by invitation from the local chapter in accordance with  the chapter's Bylaws. Once eligibility is verified by the chapter  director applications may be completed and sent to the home office of  Lambda Nu. 

Applications must be typed. A typed list of prospective members may be accompanied by one application.  Do not staple checks to the application forms

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. An Additional $30 is required for expedited shipping

Student Scholarships

Lambda  Nu is proud to offer student scholarships. Every Fall and Spring,  Lambda Nu awards scholarships to well deserving Lambda Nu student  members. Download the application below.   

Faculty Membership

Faculty membership is awarded based on the criteria described within the chapter's Bylaws.

Faculty Grants

Lambda Nu is proud to offer the opportunity to further research in radiologic and imaging sciences through the Lambda Nu Grant.

Student Membership Application

Student Scholarship Application

Spring applications are due March 6, 2020

Faculty Membership Application

Faculty Grant Application