Lambda Nu Bylaws

Lambda Nu (LN) is a national honor society for the radiologic and imaging sciences. 

Its objectives are to:

- Foster academic scholarship at the highest academic levels 
- Promote research and investigation in the radiologic and imaging sciences 
- Recognize exemplary scholarship 

Lambda  Nu's name is derived from the lower case Greek characters in the  formula ln, which represents the physics of the inverse relationship  between wavelength and frequency an essential parameter  across the diversity of modalities comprising the professions.

 Lambda Nu uses the upper case Greek characters Lambda and Nu to represent the inverse relationship and delicate balance required  between the art and the science inherent in the radiologic and imaging  sciences.

Lambda Nu's colors are:

Maroon for the radiologic and imaging sciences 
Green for the health professions 
Gold the ancient color of honor  


Board of Directors

Board Chair

Dr. Vicki Shaver
Florida Alpha

Board Members

Shaun Caldwell  
Texas Alpha

Chad Hensley 
Nevada Alpha

Dr. Bette Schans  
Colorado Gamma

Dr. Diane Kawamura
Utah Alpha

Executive Director

Ray Winters  
Arkansas Alpha

Executive Secretary

Donna Caldwell  
Arkansas Alpha


Lambda Nu

Lambda Nu National Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Honor Society Arkansas State University, Box 910 State University, AR 72467-0910

870-972-2952, Fax 870-972-3485