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Congratulations to the Fall 2018 Scholarship Winners:

Margie Avila-Kuhn - West Virginia Omega‚Äč
Hannah Crawley - West Virginia Alpha
Allia Dolan - Pennsylvania Alpha
Taylor Dowl - Georgia Kappa Alpha
Brooke Hondl - Minnesota Alpha
Courtney Kocken - Wisconsin Alpha
Samantha Kress - West Virginia Omega
Jordan Lankford - Florida Alpha
Alexis Martinez - Georgia Kappa Alpha
Robert Mbilinyl - Texas Alpha
Kylie Mihoan - West Virginia Omega
Janee Minor - District of Columbia Alpha
Amy Narkis - New Hampshire Alpha
Joseph Poole - Georgia Kappa Alpha
Stephanie Siwik - Pennsylvania Sigma
Alexa Sticka - Wisconsin Alpha
Sarah Tanner - Utah Omega
Dien Tran - Texas Alpha
Alexandra Lankford - Wisconsin Alpha
Jacob Wudtke - Wisconsin Alpha


Lambda Nu is committed to:

  • Fostering academic scholarship at the highest academic levels.
  • Promoting research and investigation in the radiologic and imaging sciences.
  • Recognizing exemplary scholarship

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